World Economic Forum w/ Zoë Keating

Zoë Keating and the World Economic Forum

Oculus Rift: Gravity

Astronaut is off-structure. I repeat, Dr. Stone is off-structure.

Boil Up

Experience a bait ball in the Hauruki Gulf.

Look Up: 100 Year Starship Screensaver

Travel the stars in this screensaver for Mac and PC.

LEAP Motion Controller Demo Apps

Manipulating the virtual with the LEAP Motion Controller.

Eyeo 2012

12 new projects created for Eyeo Festival 2012. Balloons, suicidal ants, and exoplanets.


Propagation of crystalline structures in the presence of a strong magnetic field.

Planetary iPad App

Explore the universe of your iPad music.

Aphex Twin NYE show visuals

Aphex Twin + WeirdCore + Cinder + Kinect + Palazzo dei Congressi

Body Dysmorphia

This real-time interactive video mirror will fatten you right up.

CinderISO Studies

Experiments with Hai Nguyen's CinderISO library for Cinder.

Into the Trees

Cellist Zoë Keating and I build our own world.

Bait Ball

The complex behavior of schooling reduced to its essence.

Written Images, CME

Generative Coronal Mass Ejection, created for the Written Images project.

Wired Magazine

Feature art commissioned for Wired Magazine, 18:08

00 Black Material

Teasers from a short art project collaboration with Erik Jonnson.

Juxtapoz Magazine, July 2010

I need to curse less.

Peter Gabriel 2010 Tour

Cinder and reaction-diffusion help Peter Gabriel on his 2010 New Blood tour.

GAFFTA: Transpose

Aaron Koblin and I show off some work at GAFFTA in San Francisco.


First, you will be hypnotized. Second, you will do as I command.

Solar rework

Audio-responsive application created for the V&A Museum. Created with Processing.

Cymatic Ferrofluid

Audio reactive fluid simulates cymatic phenomena. Created in Cinder.


Algorithmic stippling by way of particles controlled by magnetic repulsive forces. Created in Cinder.


Wander through a landscape based on a false memory. Created with Processing.

Moment of Fission

Visualize what happens when an atom breaks down. Created with Processing.

Magnetic Solids, IRL

Magnetic sculptures of polyhedra created with cylindrical magnets and variable diameter steel spheres.

Le Petit Dummy for iPhone

An iPhone app created with Bill Lindmeier. Learn more at The Classics Presents: Le Petit Dummy.

Addition Subtraction

Motion painting using gravity, rotation, and several thousand drifting particles. Created in Cinder.


Finding ways to visualize the occasionally angry Earth.


Snakes driven by Perlin noise with magnetic repulsion used to simulate rigid body dynamics. Made with Processing.


Flora created with node structures. Made with Processing.

Relentless, The REV

Whirling tendrils of Baroque meets Cthulhu. For Relentless.

Magnetic Ink

Flocking birds used as a paintbrush. Made with Processing.

Flocking, for Nervo

Flocking application created for Nervo and used in bumps for Fox Horror. Made with Processing.


Thousands of particles dance with magnetic forces to the music of Goldfrapp. Made with Processing.

City on Fire

Destroying the city of San Francisco with Augmented Reality meteorites. Made with Processing.

Griffin Powermate Grid

64 Griffin Powermates turned into an audio visualizer. Made with Processing and dozens of feet of USB extension cable.


The worlds of quilting and computational art collide. Designed with Processing, made by mom.

Magnetosphere iTunes Visualizer

Magnetosphere grows up, becomes an iTunes Visualizer. Made with Processing, ported to C++. Collaboration with Andrew Bell.


Simulation of turbulence in an audio-responsive environment. Made with Processing.

Magnetosphere, part 3

Combining additive and subtractive blending. Made with Processing.

Magnetosphere, part 2

Magnetosphere meets blending effects. Made with Processing.

Magnetosphere, part 1

This is where it all began. Made with Processing.


Interactive projection wall created for the 2006 Wired Nextfest. Made with Processing.

Flight Risk

8-bit influenced music video for Bit Shifter. Made with Processing.