For one week in early March, 2010, anyone taking an evening walk down the 400 block of High Road in Wembley, England, will find themselves under the watchful gaze of Overlord.

This project is entirely about mesmerism. It is my intention to cause passersby to stop and stare up at the 50 meter wall on which the Overlord appears. He stares down at them, surrounded in a swirling reaction-diffusion fluid. He appears indifferent and his facial expression does not change.


To create this project, I stared into a camera for 20 minutes. I used this saved video content as input into a reaction-diffusion project created in Cinder. The project runs beautifully in realtime but it made more sense for the end product to be a simple looping video.

The reaction-diffusion responds to the brightness of the pixels in the video as well as the motion from frame to frame. The motion creates ripples which propagate across the screen and influence the formation and destruction of the RD patterns.