January 5, 2010 - Comments Off on Stippling


This project is my attempt to create a stippling algorithm for reproducing images as dot patterns. The image is loaded and the pixel information is stored in an array. Then I begin to populate the space with magnetic particles. Each particle pushes away other particles so they begin to spread out.

The particle checks the pixel array to see what shade of grey it needs to represent. If it needs to show blackness, it grows smaller and its magnetic charge diminished accordingly. If it needs to represent white, it grows larger as does its charge. Once you throw a few tens of thousands of particles into the scene, eventually they spread out in an organically pleasing manner. There seems to be no patterning, but its certainly not a random spread.

I added an additional feature which allowed the particle to scale down small enough that it becomes invisible to the naked eye. I then allowed adjacent particles to stretch a thin black line between them if their distance is short enough. I changed the background color to grey so that the particles and lines could paint in the light and dark parts of the image.

Published by: Robert Hodgin

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