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Flight Risk

“Feedback” is the result of experimentation with beat detection, dynamic threshold levels, and 3D video feedback loops. The audio track (“Flight Risk”) was created by Bit Shifter, using a Nintendo Game Boy and Nanoloop v 1.1. Everything else was created with Processing (processing.org). A feedback loop is created by mapping the contents of the screen onto a three dimensional space. The beat triggers control the position and rotation of the camera as well as the field of view and style of feedback.

Audio by Bit Shifter ("Flight Risk"). Mastered by Chris Burke at Bong & Dern.
Originally released on Various Artists: Sonic Acts XI • The Anthology Of Computer Art DVD, 2005.

I came up with the concept of the video when I started playing around with feedback loops in Processing. First I would construct a large box that the whole scene exists inside of. Inside that box, I would place some objects. Finally, I take an image of the entire scene and use it as a texture map for the sides of the big box. I would repeat this process every frame and depending on the rotation of the box and the size of the objects, you can get some really nice glimpses of infinity. Below are a couple sample images I created for a presentation I gave at OFFF in Barcelona.

Published by: Robert Hodgin

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