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The image below was my attempt to make a believable tree (without leaves).The basic process is to start with a node. Think of it as the seed for the tree. The seed is created with all the behavior characteristics for the entire tree. The seed creates child nodes which pass along the tree’s ‘genetic information’. This information consists of parameters like lengthDelta, lengthDeltaDelta, radiusDelta, radiusDeltaDelta, maxChildren, color, maxGenerations, etc. As a parent creates a child node, it sends this information but mutates it slightly.

The nodes arrange themselves in space using magnetic repulsion. Any node can repulse other nodes as long as they are of an equal or higher generation. The node at the base of the trunk repels everything whereas the nodes at the branch tips repel only each other. If you code in some decreasing branch lengths and radii as you go from generation to generation, you will create a nice space-filling tree with no branch overlaps. Sadly, these trees are complex enough to elude a reasonable frame-rate but perhaps with some limitations placed on the number of branches that can be created, and killing off the repulsion after the branches settle into place, they will be swaying in the Perlin noise breeze in no time.

I then tried to place some leaves or flowers on the trees and accidentally changed the perceived scale quite a bit. It no longer seemed like a majestic oak. It turned into a bush, and then eventually, much smaller flowering weeds.

Published by: Robert Hodgin

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